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Iconic Dubai Creek Tower Reaches Design Milestone


BMT has announced that it has taken Dubai’s next signature structure, ‘Dubai Creek Tower’ to 100% design development. This iconic, megatall building by Emaar Properties, has been designed by world-renowned architect and engineer,  Santiago Calatrava who is leading its
Dubai tower 220 x 150design and engineering work.

BMT’s wind engineering experts have completed aerodynamic shape optimisation studies, wind loading analyses and façade wind pressures assessments.

The building’s striking design includes a distinctive net of steel stay-cables that attach to a central reinforced concrete column that will reach into the skies. At the top of the tower is an oval-shaped bud that will house several observation decks, offering unprecedented, 360-degree views of the city and beyond. It will also serve as a beacon of light at night, with a lighting system that will evoke the features of a flower bud, as it seemingly hovers atop the structure.

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