The management of flood waters is crucial. A major flood can be devastating for communities and industry, while a minor flood can be beneficial to the natural environment and agricultural industries.

The decisions which have to be made when managing floodplains are complex. They must involve the needs of the community and the environment. Each decision made will have major implications.

With unrivalled knowledge and experience, BMT can develop and instigate Total Flood Management Plans - satisfying the demands of the community and the needs of the environment.

Flood Studies

Determining and nature and extent of the flood problem and hazard requires detailed flood investigations. These include community surveys, historical flood data analysis, flood modelling (1D and 2D) using calibrated and validated computer models and flood impact assessments of proposed works.

Management Studies

Management options for the floodplain are evaluated. These options will take into consideration existing and proposed developments, environmentally sensitive areas, and the needs of the community and environment. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and computer models used in the analysis of topographical and hydrographical data, will clearly show the impact of management decisions.

Floodplain Management Plan and Implementation

Flood mitigation works to protect developments and preserve environmental values will be identified, and cost-benefit analysis undertaken. All options will be analysed to ensure optimum solutions. Management plans will ensure new developments are compatible with the flood hazard. 

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Australia.

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