Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)

FLNG has become an important concept for the development of gas reserves in locations where connection to shore facilities is not viable on economic or environmental grounds.

BMT’s capabilities can be broadly applied to these developments from concept to operation.

Risk assessment

BMT’s wealth of knowledge of all types of offshore oil and gas assets gives us a unique capacity to assess risk and guide actions needed in the event of an emergency.

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Consequence modelling

Our expert computational fluid dynamics teams use consequence modelling to provide quantitative information on structural and thermal loading and personal safety resulting from accidental loss of containment.

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Marine integrity monitoring

For FLNG, BMT can provide Integrated Marine Monitoring Systems (IMMS) to help reduce operational risk and costs and contribute to an overall safer floating facility environment. FLNG structural performance and environmental conditions, such as wind speed, current profiles, air gap, and wave height, are simultaneously monitored in real time using components of the IMMS. This reduces operational risks and costs and contributes to overall safety of the structure.

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Metocean studies

BMT provides comprehensive metocean information to support safe and cost-effective design and operations of all offshore oil and gas facilities.

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Vessel manoeuvrability and mooring analysis

BMT has extensive experience in evaluating the feasibility of ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations. Manoeuvring simulations made with our REMBRANDT system determine limiting wind, wave and current conditions for the safe arrival and departure of LNG carriers to the FLNG barge.

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