Specialist Vessel Design

BMT offers a portfolio of specialised vessel designs and associated consultancy services. We also provide bespoke vessel designs optimised to provide high performance solutions for challenging requirements.

Crew Transfer Vessels

BMT has designed a broad range of crew transfer vessel designs for the offshore energy industry. The designs range in size from 16-70m in length and cover a range of transfer speeds up to 40 knots. The company has particular expertise in the design of hull forms to provide excellent seakeeping characteristics, and has provided a number of designs based on the highly successful ModCAT hull form, developed for the US Navy Sea Fighter project.

Patrol Vessels

BMT has extensive experience in the design of high speed patrol craft with speeds of up to 57 knots. These designs are being utilised by the oil and gas industry to provide surveillance and protection of offshore installations.

Structure Access

Safety aspects of transfer of personnel and cargo are critical. BMT integrates structure access systems with its specialist designs to ensure safe and efficient transfer operations.

Vessel Selection and Operation

BMT uses its broad experience and state of the art computational tools to provide advice for the selection and specification of vessel types. This includes route analysis to determine optimal vessel configuration and design, as well as technical and economic assessment of different candidate vessels with respect to passenger numbers, transit speed, powering seakeeping performance, cost and availability.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

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