Offshore Design Support

BMT's experience and knowledge of naval architecture, marine engineering, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics gives us a unique capacity to contribute to improved safety, reliability, performance and economics of all types of offshore oil and gas assets.

Wind Tunnel Testing of Offshore Structures

Aerodynamics is an important aspect of the safe and reliable design of an offshore installation. BMT operates large in-house wind tunnel facilities to help designers assess wind loads and helideck wind environment. Wind tunnel testing can also be used to quickly investigate remedial and mitigating measures should problems be identified.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

Hydrodynamic Analysis

The prediction of current and wave loading is a key component of offshore engineering design for station keeping, mooring design, vessel stability, structural integrity and safety. BMT's specialist knowledge and experience in numerical modelling of vessel response and physical model testing provides an unrivalled analysis and consultancy capability.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

Consequence Modelling

BMT's experienced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) teams undertake consequence modelling to provide quantitative information on structural & thermal loading and personal safety resulting from accidental loss of containment such as dispersion, fire and blasts.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in Australia and the UK.

Flow Assurance

BMT has extensive expertise in multiphase flow assurance analysis using CFD.  The results of simulations are used to provide an evaluation of flow assurance issues such as flow uniformity, erosion, slugging and hydrate formation.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

Ice Engineering

BMT has specialist expertise in ice engineering. We provide consultancy in understanding the interaction between ice and structures such as ice loading on floating and fixed structures. We design infrastructure for safe operations in sea ice and iceberg environments and have particular knowledge of ice impact on pipelines both offshore and onshore.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Canada.

Operational Simulation

BMT's SLOOP operational simulation software is used to investigate the operational risk and economic performance of entire offshore developments.  At a facility level BMT's SPM software is used to simulate the motion response of turret moored FPSOs in six degrees of freedom. In combination with our metocean information services we determine the equilibrium orientation and workability of FPSO's. Manoeuvring simulations made with our Rembrandt system, are carried out to determine limiting wind, wave and current conditions for safe arrival and departure of LNG carriers. We also make recommendations for tug support and procedures to be followed, including navigational aids.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

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