Marine Integrity Monitoring

BMT provides complete structural and marine monitoring systems, upgrade, maintenance and integration of sensors to existing data acquisition systems, whilst offering management and technical analysis of the acquired data set to client specification

Instrumentation Systems

Our instrumentation systems for monitoring structural integrity and marine forces are provided on a custom or semi-custom basis, tailored to the specific needs of a project. We provide a turnkey service, with our personnel completing system design, assembly and programming, obtaining approvals from government regulatory agencies and classification societies, performing installation, calibration and operator training.

System Maintenance and Upgrade

BMT's experienced engineers and technicians provide service and training for operating systems and instrumentation. Our services include on-site maintenance, expedited trips to troubleshoot, repair and bring systems back to full health, and training to ensure operators are knowledgeable about our systems. We also upgrade systems as platforms age, as the regulatory environment changes and as technology improves. Upgrades have ranged from the addition of new sensors or channels of data to full replacement of old or outdated sensors, computers and software.

Structural Data Analysis and Consultancy

BMT provides data management and technical analysis of data acquired by our integrated marine and structural integrity systems. At our Client Data Center we automatically transfer data from offshore platforms to a secure server for post processing, visualisation, trending and reporting. We also conduct special studies and forensic analysis.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the US.

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