BMT provides products, services and solutions through all phases of offshore exploration and production.

BMT provides products, services and solutions through all phases of offshore exploration and production.

We support customers with solutions to the engineering and environmental challenges of operating within, upon and around the world's oceans and seas.

  • Environmental Assessment and Consenting

    The oil and gas industry faces increasing scrutiny with environmental issues topping the agenda. BMT provides a range of services in support of monitoring the environment, understanding environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.

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  • Offshore Design Support

    BMT's experience and knowledge of naval architecture, marine engineering, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics gives us a unique capacity to contribute to improved safety, reliability, performance and economics of all types of offshore oil and gas assets.

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  • Metocean Information Services

    Drawing on state of the art capabilities in data collection, data management, data analysis, numerical modelling and forecasting BMT is able to provide comprehensive metocean information for all offshore oil and gas basins.

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  • Marine Integrity Monitoring

    BMT provides complete structural and marine monitoring systems, upgrade, maintenance and integration of sensors to existing data acquisition systems, whilst offering management and technical analysis of the acquired data set to client specification

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  • Managing Technical Risk

    BMT provides an extensive range of engineering consultancy services targeted at minimising risk and optimising system design and through-life performance and cost.

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  • Specialist Vessel Design

    BMT offers a portfolio of specialised vessel designs and associated consultancy services. We also provide bespoke vessel designs optimised to provide high performance solutions for challenging requirements.

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  • Maritime Safety Services

    Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer is a critical and important, daily activity in the support of, and delivery of, Offshore Energy. Transfers can take place between vessels of any size and a variety of cargoes including crude oil, LPG and LNG.

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Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas Brochure

An overview of BMT's capabilities within the Offshore Oil and Gas market sector


MACH Presentation

Read about BMT’s new ‘Mid Atlantic Current Hindcast’ capability here.

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