Availability and Reliability

The harsh marine environment is a challenge to equipment and constrains servicing and repair operations. High levels of availability, low cost of ownership, achievable maintenance regimes and practical through life support are goals that have to be set, planned for, managed and monitored.

Reliability and Availability Assessment

Our engineers specialise in improving reliability by embedding design for reliability, maintainability and survivability into design processes. Our unique capacity to link reliability engineering and extensive understanding of metocean conditions means that we can provide availability predictions and energy output modelling that fully takes into account the impact of weather and the harsh maritime operating environment.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

Maintenance and Support Costs

Location, technology, construction and support options are all interrelated and critically dependent on metocean conditions. BMT specialises in optimisation in the marine environment and has techniques and models that predict variability in construction programmes, optimise construction logistics, predict downtime due to servicing, repairs and logistic delays, aid support decisions on type and number of support vessels and assess the implications of support port options.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in The Netherlands and the UK.

Maintenance Programmes

Thorough maintenance programmes ensure inherent reliability is continually achieved and increased during the operational lifetime of a project. Our in-service support capabilities include performance tracking to see if inherent reliability is being achieved, reliability growth modelling to see if growth is within expectations, failure and corrective action systems to define improvement actions, reliability-centred maintenance to optimise maintenance and availability improvement programmes.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

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