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Marine Surveys

BMT provides services throughout a vessels lifecyle from pre-purchase to end of operation.

Through a global network of survey offices, BMT is able to offer survey services worldwide on a 24/7 basis.

BMT's unique group of companies also provides access to a wealth of extra technical expertise including financial modelling, forensic investigation and simulation and modelling services.

  • Marine Casualty Investigation

    Marine casualties can occur for a number of reasons. We have expert surveyors and forensic investigators that are trained to identify the root cause of a casualty and also make recommendations to avoid future casualties.

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  • Hull & Machinery / Technical Surveys

    Our surveyors have experience in a broad range of disciplines. They can advise and conduct inspections into a number of areas to assist with insurance and damage claims and litigation for marine non-marine equipment.

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  • Cargo Consultancy

    Each type of cargo has to be handled in a specific way and the closed nature of containers can conceal possible damage until arrival at the final destination. BMT is a world leader in providing advice and guidance for all types of cargo handling.

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  • Audits, Inspections and Certification

    Our expertise allows us to conduct a number of types of audit, inspection and certification to ensure our customers’ safety and cost effectiveness is achieved and maintained.

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  • Disputes and Litigation

    BMT’s surveyors are trained to provide oral and written evidence in court and arbitration proceedings at all stages of the claims, dispute and litigation process.

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  • Calculations and Simulations

    BMT offers a vast array of calculation, simulation and / or visualisation services using software of which BMT is either a fully licensed user or which has been specially developed within BMT.

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