Submarine Design and Support

Our highly qualified and multi-disciplined submarine designers and engineers support the complete life-cycle of conventional and nuclear submarines from concept designs to their safe disposal.

BMT is recognised worldwide as an independent submarine specialist. The impartiality of our knowledge, developed over more than 20 years, is valued by our clients who trust us to help them procure innovative and cost-effective submarines that will operate safely at sea throughout their working life.

We have supplied our extensive submarine design and engineering expertise to national defence agencies and major contractors around the world, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Korea. BMT is a key partner in the Submarine Support Management Group (SSMG) that is employed by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to maintain, update and upgrade all the Royal Navy’s in-service nuclear submarines. We have also, in partnership with the prime contractor, built a Centre of Excellence leading engineering changes and management for the in-service support of the Canadian Victoria class of conventional submarines.

As part of our on-going commitment to developing and expanding our specialist skills and knowledge we are collaborating with University College London to provide a graduate submarine design programme, with the aim of building a pool of talent to support submarine programmes around the globe.

Concept design and studies

BMT designers have an in-depth knowledge of submarines, supported by a wealth of experience working with naval fleets. We specialise in providing innovative designs that balance capability requirements with ease of construction and affordability.

We also carry out feasibility studies for modifying in-service submarines and have extensive experience of adapting and re-fitting them to suit different functions.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in AustraliaCanada, the UK and the US.