Specialist Naval Platforms

As the world’s largest independent naval design consultancy, BMT offers a comprehensive portfolio of design services for advanced and specialised vessels to meet exacting specifications. We are known for innovation but do not regard it as an end in itself. Rather, we combine it with our long experience of working for defence organisations and apply our expertise to deliver practical, effective solutions.

Concept design

Our proven design expertise, supported by our commitment to R&D and deep understanding of customer needs, mean that we are leaders in concept designs that focus on innovation and the application of new technologies.

Getting a platform into service is not the only major task: the real challenge and expense can come in keeping it in effective service throughout its working life. At BMT, our naval architects have substantial experience in adapting platforms, either updating and maintaining them for the current roles or evolving them to suit different roles. We understand and manage the environmental and engineering challenges of the decommissioning and disposal process.

Ensuring a platform is safe and meets naval standards through the life of a vessel is critical and requires an enduring engineering expertise and design capability within project teams and class desks. BMT’s depth and experience in design support, engineering and technical expertise offers clients a centre of excellence that can augment government departments’ need to support Naval Material Assurance (NMA), and Ship Design and Acquisition Support (SDAS) of its fleets.

Life extension studies

BMT conducted life extension and disposal studies for the Royal Australian Navy. Our survey identified the minimum requirements for keeping the existing fleet operational until replacement vessels are procured and put into service.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in AustraliaCanada, the UK and the US.

Propulsion systems

BMT is supporting the US Navy’s Electric Ships Office in the development of hybrid propulsion systems. Our work includes a retro back fit programme designed to improve the efficiency of existing DDG51 ships.

BMT is and has provided specialised support as the propulsion systems integrator in support of the Integrated Platform Management for the new Landing Ship Tank (LST) vessels for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the US.