BMT is at the forefront of developing innovative practices to help governments draw up policies for the acquisition, design, support, training and safe operation of defence assets.

Concept and assessment

Our in-depth knowledge of the defence environment enables us to apply cutting-edge thinking and technology solutions to complex defence projects. By not being directly involved in manufacturing or construction, BMT can provide an independent view across all activities. Our services range from supporting improvements at policy level through to assisting governments and their suppliers to respond effectively to safety and environmental issues associated with specific projects.

We were the chosen partner of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) and industry for the Sustaining Surface Combatant Capability (S2C2) Pathfinder project. As well as breaking new ground in UK defence procurement for joint working, the project demonstrated the breadth and depth of BMT’s defence capabilities and thought leadership.

Ships Naval Design Partnership

Following the success of S2C2, where we assessed ‘new-versus-legacy’ options for Royal Navy frigates, the Ships Naval Design Partnership was formed. Once again BMT led the way with innovative practices and joint working. By establishing a ‘rainbow construct’ of industry members that can better plan and invest in skills, we provided the MOD with greater certainty that its naval design needs can be met. This model has subsequently been applied to submarines.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in Australia and the UK