Human Factors

Operational Optimisation

Determining how to optimise rail operations will reduce system downtime, improve throughput rates, reduce human injury risk, and improve the bottom line. BMT uses simulation and human factors engineering to help rail clients optimise their operations


Simulation is a cost-effective way to make operational and investment decisions, but also with a well built and validated simulation virtually any situation can be analysed and potentially improved.
BMT uses a range of simulation approaches, built on highly versatile, reliable and flexible proprietary software platforms. Our approach can model virtually any scale of project, from small scale studies such as individual equipment usage to the optimisation of entire transport networks.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

Human Factors Engineering

MSCT_Human Factors

BMT is applying human factors engineering (HFE) methods and technology to rail systems to improve human performance and reduce safety risks with a particular focus on new system design, technology insertion human performance assessments, and facility design.

New System Design
BMT HFE specialists provide expertise to teams designing new systems such as communications systems to optimise operability, maintainability, and the passenger experience through the application of methods such as task analysis, human error risk analysis, design reviews, and ergonomic analysis.

Technology Insertion Human Performance Assessments
BMT applies HFE methods, including video data analysis, to assess the impact on human performance, passenger acceptance, and safety of new technology being inserted into existing rail systems such as automated platform gates (APG).

Facility Design Support
BMT provides HFE support for the design of new rail stations. We plan and conduct human performance risk analysis for the design and user tasks of planned new stations to identify human performance issues. Particular areas of focus include station layout and the design of man-machine interfaces, workspace design, and human error identification and quantification.

These services are provided by our specialist operating companies in Hong Kong, the UK and the US.