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Business Process Reviews and Audits

Audits are an integral and essential part of the Assurance regime, and when conducted effectively and efficiently they have a positive impact on business performance and customer/supplier relationships.

They are a key driver for continual improvement strategies both internally and externally with your suppliers. They should, at a minimum, provide clear visibility of the following:

  • Compliance being achieve
  • Contractual conditions being met
  • Best practice being investigated
  • Risk being managed appropriately
  • Suppliers performing to your requirements

BMT offers a consolidated approach to auditing. All of our auditors are Lead Auditor trained and are experienced in conducting the following type of audits:

  • Project audits
  • Product and process audits
  • Quality and safety audits
  • Safety critical supplier audits
  • Supplier accreditation audits
  • Surveillance and condition audits

BMT also provides a service that facilitates and manages your audit programme for you. We set and implement an audit programme that applies the audit budget where your business most requires it to be focused. We achieve this by applying a risk based process that ensures the audits are conducted where they can have the most positive effect on reducing risk to your business aims and objectives. We can harmonise your audit programme to reduce repetition and wastage. Irrespective of the type of audit being conducted. The auditor will endeavour to:

  • trace problems back to the root cause rather than merely report them;
  • ensure a proper assessment of the whole organisation's competence is made; and
  • analyse findings based on industry best practice and make recommendations.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

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