Services provided include research and development, naval architecture, through concept and assessment to engineering design, and ultimately across the in-service support spectrum.

BMT is not engaged directly in manufacturing or construction and is thus able to provide the vital independent view across all its activities.

In the early stages of a programme, BMT provides key definition input such as options design work on the US DDX destroyer programme, the UK hospital ship, Future Surface Combatant programme, and future submarine studies.

This is supported by R&D studies at sub-platform level, for example work on both UK and US Electric Ship Technology programmes and the UK Integrated Waste Treatment Technology Demonstrator.

BMT has a deep involvement in support of operational defence assets. As well as providing a range of specialist engineering and analytical capabilities (for example, evaluating the risks within the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft PFI using availability modelling), BMT is also a prime partner in integrated technical support management including the UK submarine flotilla, and the Canadian Joint Support Ship (JSS). The group also leads a number of specialist technical support contracts such as the UK Sea Technology Group and BMT is also a delegated Naval Authority in the UK for key areas such as structural integrity and stability.

BMT's understanding of the defence business and the group's independence have led to a wide involvement in project management, execution of prime contracts and business support activity. As well as delivering a portfolio of risk, safety and programme management services, the group has developed and managed the US Navy's environmental programme, and heavily supported the UK's acquisition change management programme. BMT has provided project management at a prime level on several complex engineering projects including trials platform for the PAAMS programme and submarine special fits.

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