Focus Magazine

Focus Issue 2, 2009

Focus Issue 2, 2009

In this issue:

BMT in brief - Fresh faces at BMT and our latest award successes. Hong Kong is set to get its first offshore windfarm, plus all the news from around the group.

Robotic fish - Being developed in the UK to find the source of potentially hazardous pollutants in a BMT co-ordinated project.

Over the horizon - Our recent scenario planning seminar looked at the world in the year 2030 and considered challenges to the future.

Future Imperfect - We looked at the future of port development, security and cargo in more detail.

Saving wetlands - Among the world's most productive environments and are areas of biological diversity. Find out how BMT is helping to save them.

Sustainable procurement - Mark Hedges of BMT Isis is helping the UK Ministry of Defence progress towards ambitious Government sustainability targets.

Cutting carbon - An interview with Professor Chris Field, looking at how the shipping industry will have to respond in light of climate change.

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