Focus Magazine

Focus Issue 1, 2009

Focus Issue 1, 2009

In this issue:

BMT in brief - Who's new in BMT, sustainable school project for BMT Isis, European bathing safety, award for BMT WBM and news from across the group.

Sustainable solutions - Are there sustainable solutions for Nigerian oil? Stuart Hume talks about progress made and the future.

Caimen-200 - We look at the latest Landing Craft Tank, and meet the team behind the innovation.

Portents - BMT Baxter Easie on the future of ports and plans for Ukraine.

Risk Management - What is risk? We take a broad view and see what BMT is doing to manage risk across the group.

Gary Smith - On why effective risk management is creative, exciting and necessary.

Port familiarisation - BMT De Beer run port familiarisation courses. 


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