Our Scholarships and Sponsorships

BMT has a long standing history of offering a variety of schemes including bursaries, scholarships, placements, exchange programmes, secondments and work experience.

We offer a wide range of scholarships and sponsorships to employees across BMT.  Full or part payment for course fees are made available to support Masters and Doctorate level qualifications as well as a wide variety of professional qualifications.

Many of our companies also provide a range of development opportunities both 'on' or 'off' the job;  from in-company apprenticeships, work experience and internships through to financial and professional support for those taking a first or second degree.

The provision of this support is tailored to the needs of the individual to further their professional careers and the requirements of our companies to pursue business in their fields of expertise.

When appropriate, internal scholarships and sponsorships are discussed at an individual's appraisal and become part of their Career and Personal Development Plan.

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Jake Costin

I carried out wave modelling with BMT during my university summer vacation and found it so interesting, that I stayed here for one day a week while I finished my degree.

Jake Costin
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