BMT offers employees an attractive pay package and a working environment that encourages them to achieve their full potential.

In addition to a competitive salary - reviewed annually - and a yearly profit-related bonus for individual companies in the group, we are proud to reward staff for their loyalty and dedication through our Employee Benefit Trust (EBT).

Our EBT status guarantees BMT's independence and gives our people the freedom to
deliver ground-breaking solutions without any potential conflict of interest from external stakeholders. Under the rules of the scheme, all employees accrue points from the day they join the BMT group. After three years' service they qualify to receive a share of BMT's overall profits. Since the EBT was created, £14.5 million has been paid out to staff.

As well as the EBT scheme, each BMT operating company operates a profit-related pay
scheme, linked to the individual company's annual profit, plus a wide range of benefits. Throughout the year many of our companies also award spot bonuses and team bonuses.

The financial rewards are supported by a wealth of career opportunities to inspire and enable our people to pursue their ambitions, extend their professional qualifications
and hone their skills on world-class projects that make a real difference.

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James Roy

We're well supported professionally, well rewarded financially, with endless opportunities for travel, training and general self-improvement.

James Roy