BMT Scientific Marine Services

BMT Scientific Marine Services Inc provides integrity and structural monitoring, performance prediction and verification for all types of marine and offshore floating platforms that must operate above and below the waterline. Our dedicated and experienced personnel are committed to quality systems and timely service. We strive to provide technology that is fit for purpose, recognising that our overarching objective is progress without unnecessary risk.


BMT Scientific Marine Services is a company of engineers dedicated to solving customer's problems. Working primarily in the deep offshore or hostile marine environments for the offshore oil and marine shipping industries.

BMT Scientific Marine Services has completed a number of projects providing instrumentation systems that monitor:

  • Free standing hybrid riser tower integrity
  • Steel catenary riser integrity
  • Integrated marine integrity for floating platforms
  • Anchor leg loads
  • Tendon tension
  • Top riser tension
  • Metocean parameters
  • Flow assurance

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