BMT ARGOSS is a specialist provider and leading innovator in the field of marine environmental information. Using in-house resources and expertise on Metocean conditions, ocean & atmospheric modelling, meteorology, remote sensing and data assimilation we support numerous projects and operations around the world. The services we offer are used, amongst others, for design of offshore structures, downtime analysis, operations planning and the execution of maritime operations.


ARGOSS was founded in 1995 and is located in the Geomatics Business Park in Marknesse, The Netherlands. In Spring 2008, ARGOSS joined BMT Group Ltd strengthening their position on the environmental information market. In October 2008 ARGOSS continues its operations as BMT ARGOSS

BMT ARGOSS is a consulting company developing and providing innovative environmental services based on meteorological and oceanographic data to, for example, the offshore, coastal and harbour sectors and urban management authorities.

Specialised in using earth observation data from satellites, we have expertise in processing radar, optical and acoustics measurements, numerical modelling, algorithm development and assimilation of measurements in models. We develop and support systems for environmental information services and decision support.

BMT ARGOSS provides services in the local, regional, and global arena for maritime environmental information, air quality analysis (involving high resolution meteorological and atmospheric chemistry analyses) using modelling, remote sensing and in situ methodologies.

We develop and own global quality assured databases of observations and atmospheric, coastal and oceanographic model data on wind, waves, currents and water levels. The extensive databases make it possible for us to rapidly respond to the needs of clients worldwide.

BMT ARGOSS maintains close links with research institutes, universities and industry to ensure that the latest techniques and services are available to our clients.

Our staff comprises highly qualified physicists, meteorologists, oceanographers, mathematicians, information technology engineers and coastal engineers. They have many years of experience in the coastal, oceanographic and urban environmental sectors.

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